Portal Lemon Grenade

Portal 2 Lemon Grenade Mug

“Do you know who I am? I’m the man who’s gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I’m gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!”- Cave Johnson This epic Portal 2 gift allows you to give life its lemons back in lemon hand grenade style. While these might not actually explode or combust…they sure look cool. Each mug holds 12 ounces and is an officially licensed Portal collectible.
Cyborg Rat 9 Gaming Mouse

Cyborg R.A.T. 9 Wireless Gaming Mouse

The R.A.T. 9 Wireless Gaming Mouse is a work of art. This thing is an epic work of art. It’s not all show and no go though. Read more on the insane specs of this gaming masterpiece. . .

Minecraft Creeper Inspired Etched Beer Glass

sssSSssss… That sure is a nice beverage you have there. It would be a shame if anything happened to it. sssSSssss…This awesome Minecraft Creeper inspired beer drinking glass makes the perfect gift for the Minecraft fan!

Gamer Food Caffeinated Energy Snacks

When you plan to game all night Mountain Dew and your favorite energy drink aren’t going to be enough. Sooner or later you gotta eat! Why not get some energy while satisfying your hunger? Gamer Food Caffeinated Energy Snacks are the perfect gamer snack. They come in three different varieties. . .

Modern Warfare 3 Hoodie

This Modern Warfare 3 hoodie is the perfect gift for the MW3 fan. It features the Modern Warfare 3 logo on the chest and even has a digital camo print on the hood lining!

PlayStation Vita

The official release date of the PlayStation Vita is today (2/22/2012). Gamers can take their gaming on the go with Sony’s hot new portable gaming device. The PS Vita is priced at $249.99 but gamers can cough up an extra $50 to buy the PS Vita Lunch Bundle and get a better deal by scoring a game, an 8GB Memory Card and 1 AT&T DataConnect Session Pass!

Black Ops Nuketown T-shirt

This black t-shirt features the phrase “Welcome to Nuketown, Population 00”. It also sports a nifty atomic cloud, a mannequin and one of those lovely ’50s style houses in the background. I can almost hear the frags going off as we speak. Ahh…memories. The Nuketown map will always holds a special level of meaningfulness for me. It was the first time I got my @$$ absolutely handed to me. Ah yes…

Deluxe Starcraft Figures

These awesome Starcraft figures make for deluxe video game gifts. Choose either Jim Raynor or Dark Templar member Zeratul. Priced at just $29.99 these make for affordable Starcraft gamer gifts…

Avenger Controller for Xbox 360 and PS3

We’ll be the first to admit it looks a little strange. Take a minute to read and watch a product video however and you’ll realize the Avenger external controller adapter can make you a beast! Want to improve your performance in your favorite FPS or other game? This little bad boy can be fine tuned to help you do just that. Read on to see what the avenger can do . . .