Avenger Controller for Xbox 360 and PS3

Avenger Controller

Avenger Controller


Take your game to the next level with the Avenger external controller adapter for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The Avenger allows you to precision tune buttons on your controller and also control buttons without taking your thumbs from the analog sticks! It’s designed to provide improved situational awareness, accuracy, agility, and reaction time. The Avenger’s unique design allows for rapid and fluid movements between individual buttons and the analog sticks.

We’ll be the first to admit, this thing looks a little strange.  Take a moment to read about the product and watch some product videos and you’ll realize this thing can make you a beast. Besides didn’t your mom always tell you beauty is on the inside?

Simply snap this device over the outside of your existing controller and prepared to be amazed.  This awesome gamer device can be customized to fit both the shape of your hands and your unique gaming style.

Equipped with a stabilizer stand, customizable levers, high-precision tension straps, hair-trigger capabilities, and sensitivity adjusters, the Avenger can be fine-tuned like a guitar.  Adjust the tension on the straps of the Avenger to pre-tension triggers and increase the sensitivity of buttons and triggers. In the video below the user increases the tension and fires the trigger button by lightly dragging a piece of paper across it!

The Avenger external  controller adapter snaps around the outside of your existing controller and is available in Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. The current retail price for the Avenger Controller is around $49.99. That’s a small price to pay to legitimately improve your gaming skills!  If you are looking for a way to improve your performance in your favorite FPS or other game, this just might be the answer.

I could go on but it’s difficult to explain something you just have to see in action. Check out the video below and then click any of the images or links here for more information or to purchase this sick gamer gift today!

CLICK HERE to buy the Avenger Controller

Check out a video of the Avenger Controller in action:

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