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Halo T-shirts and Apparel

Halo Lunch Box UNSC

Halo UNSC Ammo Crate Tin Lunchbox

Halo UNSC Ammo Crate Lunch Box Tote your lunch to work or school in style with this awesome Halo gift. This lunch box is modeled after the UNSC ammo containers seen in Halo 4. This awesome metal top loading lunch box features a sturdy hinge with a clasp closure. Measuring about 8 5/8 inches long […]

Halo Reach “Running” Tee

I thought I had seen and purchased every officially licensed Halo Reach t-shirt on the market, and then I came across this one. I like the simple running outline design. I haven’t seen this in any retail store in my neck of the woods so I thought I’d share with my fellow Halo Reach fans. Click the image to grab yours for around $20.

Halo Boxers

Are your lucky gaming boxers getting a little tattered and torn? Need something a little more comfortable to wear under your Mark VI Armor? Check out these awesome Halo boxers. Whether you want a bold Master Chief portrait embellishing . . .

Halo Military Belt

You know what drew us to this belt? It looks so very official. It looks like an actual military belt. Like it might be something they issue with the UNSC utility uniform. . .