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Negative One Up Tee: You Will NOT Be Getting an Extra Life With This One

Any gamer worth his or her salt is familiar with the good ole’ one up ‘shroom from Mario fame. Eat one of those and it means an extra life and your gamer life just got a little easier. You do NOT want his gross gamer cousin, the NEGATIVE one up mushroom. While you don’t want to eat one, a negative one up mushroom makes for a pretty sweet gamer t-shirt and now you can own your very own. . .

“I’d Hit That!” T-shirt

Here’s a sweet gamer T-shirt for all you retro NES and Mario fans. Remember the old Super Mario question block mystery box? What’s it going to be? A flower? A mushroom? There’s no such thing as bad box (mystery box that is). I can tell on first sight. . . I’d hit that! This 100% […]