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Gamer Chicks: Gifts for Gamer Girls

Gamer Knee High Socks

  “GAMER” Socks It’s GAME OVER if you try to fight through a long gaming session with cold feet and icy toes. Make sure that isn’t a problem for you with these awesome “Gamer” knee high socks for men or women. ¬†These socks are made of a 75% cotton, 20% polyester and 5% spandex blend. […]

Pixel Angel Baby Doll T-shirt: Show that Geek Goddess She is Your Pixel Angel!

Every gamer guy knows one. . .a female so gifted in the world of digital design or gaming that they seem to be angels sent from heaven. Now we can express our gamer love for these amazing women with the “pixel angel” tee. Priced at $19.99 we can all afford to show our geeky gals some gamer love. It’s also available in a binary angel version. Head on over to . . .

Gears of War 3 Baby Doll Tee: Great Gamer Gear for Gears Chicks!

Since this is a testosterone fueled site we sometimes forget to post gear for our female gaming fans. It is hard to ignore a gamer chick rocking a form fitting Gears of War 3 baby tee. That’s why we HAD to post it. We like you gamer chicks…even when you pwn us. Your skin is soft, you smell good and you don’t get mad when we play video games. Being a Gears fan is just icing on the cake. Let’s not mention you put up with all the idiotic comments from the guys when gaming online. You DESERVE this tee!

NES Quick Fix Nintendo T-Shirt

“Just Blow on it!” If you were lucky enough to grow up in the world of cartridge based gaming consoles then you know the most effective repair: blowing into the game cartridge. This awesome t-shirt pays tribute to the era in a comical way. This makes a great video game gift idea for the retro gamer fan in your life.

“I PWN BOYS” Gamer Chick Shirt

It used to be rare. Once in a blue moon you’d hear of some sorry gamer dude who got owned by a chick. Now gamer chicks are everywhere and they are PWN’ing boys on a daily basis. Nothing is hotter than . . .