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PlayStation Vita

The official release date of the PlayStation Vita is today (2/22/2012). Gamers can take their gaming on the go with Sony’s hot new portable gaming device. The PS Vita is priced at $249.99 but gamers can cough up an extra $50 to buy the PS Vita Lunch Bundle and get a better deal by scoring a game, an 8GB Memory Card and 1 AT&T DataConnect Session Pass!

Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 Bundle: Great Looks and Great Value

“Gaming awesomeness incoming!” We recently got our first good look at the Limited Edition Modern Warfare Xbox 360 bundle and we are still wiping the drool from our chins. Holy smokes…WE WANT! Not only does this bundle look cool, it’s also a pretty exceptional value. It includes a customized Xbox 360, 2 customized wireless controllers, a copy of MW3, a headset, free Xbox live codes, a free month of Xbox Live Gold and MORE! You can preorder your bundle now for just . . .

New Gears of War 3 T-Shirt: “Born 2 Saw”

I just came across this new Gears of War 3 t-shirt and I’m nearly speechless from the awesomeness. It features a simple screened image of a Lancer assault rifle along with a banner that reads “Born to Saw” in a scriptish style font. It all looks very artsy-tattooish and I WANT! Currently priced at around $20.00 you can’t beat this deal and it would make an awesome Gears of War 3 gift!