ScreenDeck: A Great TV Shelf for Video Game Consoles and Accessories



We love the new thin flat panel TVs. The picture is awesome and its so great not having a 5 foot tall 80 pound box hanging off the back of your TV. The only problem with the  thin flat panel TVs is the fact that they are so thin you can’t really put anything cool on top of them.

No more balancing your DVD player, video game sensor or your favorite snow globe on top! The stands for the TVs aren’t much more useful. This problem has been solved with ScreenDeck! What is ScreenDeck? It’s a pretty cool little shelf that hovers above your TV.  It mounts safely to the rear of flat panel TVs using the existing VESA mount standard screw hole pattern. Translation: you use the existing holes on your TV where a wall mount would go so you don’t need to drill or hack anything!

The ScreenDeck is the absolute IDEAL place to mount your Kinect sensor for your Xb0x 360 or your Wii sensor.  The ScreenDeck will safely support about 5 pounds so it’s ideal for holding center channel speakers, game consoles, remotes, video games, or just those cool video game collectibles you want to display above your TV like a shrine.

Since this clever device uses holes for wall mounts it is intended for use on free standing TVs displayed on a stand and is not intended for TVs mounted to a wall. (DUH!)

ScreenDeck is available in sizes to fit three ranges of flat panel TV sizes:

30″ to 37″ TVs
37″ to 47″ TVs
50″ TVs and above
All ScreenDeck shelves include mounting hardware and cable routing clamps.

What mounting hole patterns will the ScreenDeck fit?
Both ScreenDecks for 30″- 47″ TVs are compatible with the following VESA mounting hole patterns:
  • 150mm x 150mm   (150mm=5.9″)
  • 200mm x 200mm   (200mm=7.9″)
  • 250mm x 250mm   (250mm=9.9″)
  • 300mm x 300mm   (300mm=11.9″)
  • 350mm x 350mm   (350mm=13.8″)
  • 400mm x 400mm   (400mm=15.8″)
  ScreenDeck for 50″ TVs & larger is compatible with flat screen TVs with horizontal VESA patterns from 400mm – 800mm.

Check out the video below for more details.

Here is a short video showing how easy it is to install ScreenDeck:



Are you ready to order ScreenDeck?

We’ve provided a few links to trustworthy places you can grab your very own. Click the image at the top of the page or use the links below:



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