Undead Gamer T-Shirt: Proudly Declare You’re a Gamer for Life

Undead Gamer t-shirt @ SplitReason.com
Undead Gamer t-shirt design @ SplitReason.com

Buy the Undead Gamer t-shirt @ SplitReason.com


Proudly declare you are a gamer for life and even longer. Are you such a hardcore gamer that not even death can stop you. Family members can’t even pry your game controller out of your cold dead hands? If you plan t take your gaming lifestyle and love for video games to the grave then maybe you should grab one of these sweet “Undead Gamer” t-shirts over at SplitReason.

This awesome green gamer shirt features a chilling zombie hand reaching out of the ground holding what looks suspiciously like a well used and zombified Xbox 360 controller. (See even the brainless walking dead know enough to NOT play PS3 😉 ). The scary full moon and bats in the background just drive home the point that the dead are walking the earth, and they’ve come to PWN! On the upside there’s no worries about stupid noobs here. These undead gamers are legit seasoned vets!

The Undead Gamer t-shirt design is printed on high quality 100% cotton, 10.2 oz crew neck t-shirts. They are available in sizes small through XXXL and are priced from $19.95 to $21.95. Click the image or one of the links above to go grab yours.

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