Super Mario Question Mark Hanging Lamp

Super Mario Bros. Question Mark Hanging Lamp

Super Mario Question Mark Block Hanging Lamp


Add a touch of retro Super Mario Bros. class to your bedroom, game room or any other location with this awesome hanging lamp. Constructed of high quality acrylic, this lamp is inspired by the question mark block seen in Super Mario Bros.

Each side of this fun video game gift measures approximately 6 inches.  The open bottom allows you to easily change the light bulb while also allowing the maximum amount of light to shine through. The light emitted through the acrylic creates a soothing and soft subtle yellow glow that looks amazing with any decor that needs some video game inspired color.  Thanks to the Hemma IKEA lamp cord kit, each lamp includes a high quality standard bulb base and a long cord 15 feet in length.

If you’re looking for some light and color for retro video game room this is a great choice. Need some fun color in a kid’s bedroom? One thing is certain, this lamp will look great nearly anywhere you choose to hang it.

Mario Question Mark Block Hanging Lamp

This handmade item ships worldwide and is available via Etsy. For current pricing and availability click the images or links here or use the button below.

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