Extreme Chores Video Game Prank Gift Box

Video Game Gifts for Gamers Prank Extreme Chores Box


Extreme Chores Prank Video Game Gift Box

Extreme Chores Motion Controlled Video Game Prank Gift Box

The choice between doing chores and playing a monotonous and repetitive motion controlled video game is always a difficult choice to one. If only there was a way to combine your love of dull household chores with video games. Good news! There is!

Oh what a terrible childhood it would have been if we had to play something like “Extreme Chores: Motion Controlled Video Game.”  Fortunately this terrible game isn’t a reality. It’s actually a very cool and very funny prank video game gift box. The outside looks like an official “Extreme Chores” video game system box. Your gift recipient will have to force excitement about the depicted shovel, dishes, raking and litter box attachments. Oh what fun it will be to watch them squirm at the thought of virtual dishwashing or raking. The box features 6 sides of realistic graphics and jokes to keep your gift recipient baffled and worried.

Of course, the inside of this gift box is empty so you can stash your real video game gift or other surprise inside.  The dimensions of this box are 11 1/4″ by 9″ by 3.25″.

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