Let Mario Protect and Display Your Nintendo 3DS, DSi, or DS Lite!

Mario 3DS Holder
Need a safe and secure spot to store your Nintendo 3DS, DSi, or DS lite? ITSA ME..MARIO! This 12″ tall Mario figure was specifically designed for that exact purpose. Who better to protect your precious handheld than the big guy? After all…his job security pretty much depends on it.

This 12″ Mario sculpture features outstretched arms specifically designed to hold and display your Nintendo 3DS, DSi, or DS Lite. Mario stands on a sturdy black circular base so there is no need to worry about him tipping over.

I can’t tell you how many times my son has lost, misplaced or otherwise forgotten where his DS is. I’m picking up one for his desk in hopes that letting our trusted plumber friend guard it will encourage him to stop losing the darn thing! I’m also picking one up for my work station desk because…well because I’m a dork. There’s really no other reason.

Now if I can just convince my son we don’t need to buy a 3DS to own this! You know the drill. Click the image above for more info or to go get yours. They are currently priced at $34.99.

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