Halo Reach Series 4 Infection 3 Pack

Halo Reach Series 4 Infection Action Figure 3-Pack

For those who don’t know, Halo Reach Series 4 figures have been released and have been on store shelves a short while. One of my most favorite offerings of series 4 is the Infection 3 pack. That’s right, these figures are based off the popular “humans vs. zombies” infection mode in Halo Reach. This 3 pack features 2 Spartan zombies going after a lone last man standing. Our valiant last man standing sports an ODST helmet with Gold visor, blue and gold paint, Sniper and FJ/Para shoulders, Tactical/Trauma Kit utility,a UA/Base Security chest, and FJ/Para knee guards. He is armed against the undead with only his DMR.

One Spartan Zombie wears a black visored Pilot helmet, Collar/Breacher chest with skeletal robotic arm, Jump Jet shoulder, and Grenadier knee guards. The other Zombie Spartan wears a HazOp helmet with Black visor, has Operator shoulders and also features Collar/Breacher chest with skeletal robotic arm, and FJ/Para knee guards. The zombie Spartans Zombie are painted that wonderful zombie green and each comes with an Energy Sword.

I’ve seen this on the shelves at local stores and they didn’t last long. (They also weren’t as cheap). Click the image above to grab your Halo Reach Infection 3 pack for just $30.99.

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