Tetris Stackable LED Lamp

Tetris LED lamp Video Game Gifts

Tetris Stackable LED Lamp

It is hard to not love the classic stacking action found in Tetris. Things start out relaxing enough but make a mistake or two and things get dicey real quick. What starts out as a calm game quickly builds into frantic fast paced stacking where one wrong move can be disastrous. Now you can recreate that same feeling with this awesome stackable LED lamp!

Tetris Block Lamp

This officially licensed Tetris gift is sure to please any fan of this classic game. You get seven stackable, interlocking and buildable pieces. (One of each shape.) The pieces can be stacked in any combination. If you want to get crazy you can even purchase multiple lamps and expand the fun to gigantic proportions. Stack pieces together and the the LED lights inside turn on. Disassemble pieces and the lights go out. This gorgeous and colorful Tetris LED lamp is powered by a standard US 110 Volt electrical outlet and can be switched on and off with the power switch in the base.

Tetris Lamp

The overall dimensions of this lamp will vary based on how you assemble it, but it measures approximately 7″ x 4″ x 1″ overall.

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