Retro NES Skins for Your Wii, NDS, 3DS and MORE!

Wii Skin (High Gloss Finish) - Retro Revolution

Wii Skin (High Gloss Finish) - Retro Horizontal

Did you know you can make your Wii look just like the old school NES with no permanent mods or painting required? Get your mind out of the gutter dude! We’re not talking about making your twig and berries look like the NES (although that might be an oddly commendable achievement). We’re talking about placing a vinyl skin sticker set over your modern Nintendo Wii to make it look like the old NES. Playing your favorite NES games on your virtual console will never be the same!

DecalGirl has hundreds of kick @$$ skins for game consoles and other devices, but one of my favorites is their “Retro Evolution” skin for the Nintendo Wii. This simple $14.98 skin transforms your Nintendo Wii into a classic NES old school look alike. Each design is digitally printed in vibrant, art-quality resolutions onto durable cast vinyl. Every skin is covered with a clear laminate layer in gloss or optional low glass matte finish. The low gloss option will run you an extra 5 bucks.

These skins cover the top,front and sides and they even offer matching skins to cover your Wii classic, wiimote, and nunchuck controllers. These would make an awesome NES gift for the gamer who also likes the Wii.

There are currently two different designs. One design runs horizontal and the other doesn’t. As always, click the images above for more information or to order your retro NES wii skin today! Pssst. There’s also a 10% off coupon below to save you some dough. We got your back!

The site also has similar retro designs to fit your Nintendo DS, DS Lite, 3DS and all kinds of other devices so go check them all out.

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