Mii Love T-Shirt: Mii Love You Long Time

Mii Love

Mii Love T-shirt: Just $14.99

Ok first and foremost I have to apologize to any fans and readers who are of Asian, Pacific Islander or other heritage. I don’t mean to offend anyone…but this shirt was just so damn funny to me i couldn’t resist sharing it.

Everyone has created, or at least seen, the Mii avatars you can create to represent yourself in the world of the Nintendo Wii. Someone has brilliantly taken this to the next level and created this “Mii Love” t-shirt that features a funny, possibly offensive, female Mii that looks suspiciously like its intended to represent someone of Asian descent. Suspicions are confirmed when you read what the Mii is saying, “Mii love you long time” XD

If you don’t get the joke I guess I shouldn’t bother explaining it to you. It’s obvious you’ve never seen the scene in the movie Full Metal Jacket that this t-shirt is parodying. You’ve probably never listened to 2 Live Crew or Sir Mix-a-Lot either for that matter!

Even if I was Asian this would still be funny to me. While it doesn’t make “me so horny” it does make me laugh. But what do I know..I’m just a lazy dumb round-eye! There! Now I’ve offended myself and all is right with the world.

You can get your very own Mii Love T-shirt for just $14.99. Click the image or link above to go get yours.

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