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Titanfall Hoodie Video Game Gifts for Gamers

Titanfall Hoodie – Zip Up Titan Sweatshirt

  Titanfall Hoodie   Stand by for Titanfall hoodie awesomeness. This black hooded sweatshirt is inspired by the award winning video game, Titanfall from Respawn Entertainment.  This durable 6.5 ounce weight fleece is constructed of a woven 80/20 cotton and polyester fleece blend with 100% 40/1 cotton facing. This hooded Titanfall sweatshirt features a front […]
Ready Player 1 Game Over Heat Changing Coffee Mug Video Game Gifts

Ready Player One 8-Bit Video Game Coffee Mug

Heat Changing 8-Bit Video Game Coffee Mug Aaaahhh. Few things are as comforting as memories of 8-bit old school video game fun and a cup of coffee or another hot beverage. Luckily this video game gift combines both awesome feelings. This awesome old school retro video game coffee mug features the words, “GAME OVER! REFILL? […]
Video Game Gifts Gamer Gifts Gamer Shirt I went Outside Once

I Went Outside Once – Gamer T-shirt

“I Went Outside” Gamer T-shirt The thing about being a gamer is you don’t often get to set foot outside.  Sure fresh air and sunshine are nice but you need to level up! There are games to be conquered and achievements to be unlocked. Such is the life of a gamer. Show the world you’re […]
Nintendo Gameboy Inspired Beach towel

Beach Boy Retro Gameboy Inspired Beach Towel

  Beachboy Retro Handheld Gaming System – Gameboy Inspired Beach Towel   ::SIGH:: It’s a sad day when the handheld video game device you cut your gaming teeth on is now considered “retro”. We spent countless hours staring at the pixelated/green/gray black handheld gaming device and just the site of it brings back tons of […]
Minecraft Creeper Backpack

Minecraft Creeper Backpack

  Minecraft Creeper Backpack   We’re not sure you can blame the Creeper if you don’t do your homework, but its worth a try. Your story will be more believable if you carry this Minecraft Creeper backpack. This backpack is shaped just like the beloved Creeper and features tons of storage space. The Minecraft Creeper […]

Lag Kills Gamer T-Shirt

  Lag Kills T-shirt (From $14.95)   Lag Kills. Whether it’s your wi-fi that decides to single bar on you during a game, someone else on your team playing with a shotty “borrowed” connection, or the lowly lag-switcher having a good time: Lag Sucks. It will get you killed. Let everyone know the devastating effects […]

Gamer Knee High Socks

  “GAMER” Socks It’s GAME OVER if you try to fight through a long gaming session with cold feet and icy toes. Make sure that isn’t a problem for you with these awesome “Gamer” knee high socks for men or women.  These socks are made of a 75% cotton, 20% polyester and 5% spandex blend. […]
Borderlands 2 Diamond Plate Loot Chest

Borderlands 2 Limited Edition Diamond Plate Loot Chest With Tons of Swag

Borderlands 2 Limited Edition Collectible – Diamond Plate Loot Chest with Swag and In-Game Content   You may have heard it announced at PAX East 2013: it’s the ThinkGeek exclusive Borderlands 2 Limited Edition Diamond Plate Loot Chest. This officially licensed Borderlands 2 collectible is a loot chest filled with in game and real world […]

Retro Video Game Cartridge Pillow Set

Retro Video Game Cartridge Pillow Set – 2 Pillows   Go back to your old school gaming roots with these awesome retro game cartridge inspired video game pillows. Styled to look like the old NES Nintendo Cartridges, these pillows feature fictional games Lava Jump and Unicorn’s Revenge.  These 100% polyester pillows are sure to add […]

Black Ops 2 Welcome to Nuketown Zombies T-Shirt

Black Ops II Nuketown Zombies T-Shirt:  Mens and Women’s fit from $19.99 to $22.99   If there’s anything better than playing COD zombies, it’s playing zombies on NUKETOWN! Show your love for Nuketown zombie action with this awesome Black Ops II t-shirt. This t-shirt features the “Welcome to Nuketown zombies” sign on a black t-shirt. […]

Diablo III Demon Hunter Jacket

Diablo III Demon Hunter Jacket – $79.99 to $81.99  This awesome Diablo III Demon Hunter jacket is the perfect gift for the Diablo fan. These deep hooded Demon Hunter jackets are available in sizes XS through 3XL. It’s available in black or a dark charcoal gray and is priced from $79.99 to $81.99. Click the […]