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Weighted Portal 2 Companion Cube Fuzzy Dice and Plushies!

Need to add some style to your ride? How about a pair of weighted companion cube fuzzy dice? (That’s what she said!) Seriously these bad boys would look pretty sweet dangling from your rear view mirror. While your at it pick up a plush companion cube to accompany you on all your journeys. For $29.99 you could make a Portal or Portal 2 fan very happy!

We Now Offer Registration and Commenting Via Facebook, Twitter and More!

Just thought I’d let all you gamers out there know we’ve made some long overdo changes to the comments section of the site. You can now comment, and register as a user, using your Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, or Wordpress.com accounts!Now it’s even easier to comment on posts. So let us have it! Wait, I meant leave some comment love!

Let Mario Protect and Display Your Nintendo 3DS, DSi, or DS Lite!

Looking for a great way to display and protect your Nintendo 3DS, DSi, or DS Lite? This Mario 3DS holder is just what the plumber ordered! This 12″ Mario figure is designed with outstretched arms to protect and hold your handheld…or just look cool on your desk. Pick yours up today for only . . .
Yourfavoritemartian's "8-Bit World" music video featuring Hoodie Allen

New 8-BIT WORLD Music Video on YouTube Parodies Life and 8-Bit Video Games

Over on YouTube Ray William Johnson and his fictional cartoon band have teamed up with Hoodie Allen to create a new comedy music video called “8-Bit World”. The video features a plethora of funny one liners and double entendres using references to 8 bit video games. It even features some heavily pixelated 8-bit video game characters in the video. The whole thing is pretty damn funny. I thought I’d share it with all the NES and retro gamer geeks out there. I embedded the video so be sure to check it out . . .

Halo Reach Series 4 Infection 3 Pack

One of my favorite parts of Halo Reach series 4 figures has to be this sick “Infection” 3 pack featuring 2 Spartan zombies going after a single last man standing. This triple pack really captures the scene of a lone last man standing human survivor facing off against 2 Spartan zombies. Currently priced at just $30.99 you should grab yours before they are gone.

Halo Reach “Running” Tee

I thought I had seen and purchased every officially licensed Halo Reach t-shirt on the market, and then I came across this one. I like the simple running outline design. I haven’t seen this in any retail store in my neck of the woods so I thought I’d share with my fellow Halo Reach fans. Click the image to grab yours for around $20.

Geek Gamer Art: NES Controller Painting

One day I was inspired by the rectangular shape of a blank canvas. Its boxy shaped reminded me of that iconic old school NES controller. This is the NES controller inspired painting that resulted. . .

New Gears of War 3 Zip Hoodie!

I came across this sick Gears of War 3 zip hoodie yesterday and I wanted to share with all of you Gears of War gamers out there. Even though it’s still way too effin’ hot to wear a hoodie I’m still ordering mine. I was even nice enough to share a coupon code to save you 15% or 20%. I know…I’m awesome, and you owe me!

Retro NES Skins for Your Wii, NDS, 3DS and MORE!

Make your Wii look like an NES. Get your mind out of the gutter dude! We’re not talking about making your twig and berries look like the NES. We mean you can slap this durable adhesive skin on your Nintendo Wii and make it look like the old school NES. There are currently two different designs affordably priced at. . .