Video Game Console Controller Soaps

Console Controller Soaps

Do you know where those filthy gamer hands have been? Ever stop to think how many germs have probably accumulated on that sweaty, well worn game controller? With wireless controllers you’ve probably wandered off for a 3 am potty break with red and sore gamer eyes. Now care to think about what sort of microbes might be crawling all over that controller or other items around your gamer home? Gross!

Go wash those grubby gamer hands! We have the perfect soap too: soap shaped like your favorite video game console controllers. These cool soaps are shaped like an Xbox 360 controller, wii controller, and the classic NES controller. (Sorry PS3 fans but there’s no PS3 controller soap yet.)

These vegan soaps are glycerin based and are perfect for reducing that gamer funk smell that may be permeating your gaming spot. Ready for the best part? These soaps are Mountain Dew scented! AwEsOmE-Sauce!

Before you throw some of that gamer grub in your face be sure to hit pause and wash those mitts you dirty little monkey!!! These soaps also make the ideal gift for that special gamer in your life with less than stellar hygiene. Don’t worry because with their low price ($13.99 for the set of 3 soaps at the time of this writing) you can afford to buy TWO sets of soaps for that gamer who won’t want to mess up these cool looking soaps by actually using them.

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