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Nintendo Game Boy Heat Activated Color Changing Coffee Mug

Game Boy Heat Changing Coffee Mug

You’ve grown older, wiser and more sophisticated. One thing hasn’t changed; You can’t play Game Boy all day. You’ve got adult things to do. Work, school, family life. . . they all require your attention and often some caffeine to stay productive. That doesn’t mean you can’t take your love for the Nintendo Game Boy […]
NES controller coffee table retro video game gifts

NES Controller Coffee Table

Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Table Looking for an awesome retro NES inspired gift to finish off your game room? Have you been searching for the perfect unique Nintendo themed gift for the 8-bit video game loving geek in your life? The search may be over thanks to this gorgeous hand painted Nintendo NES inspired coffee […]
Tetris LED Lamp Video Game Gifts

Tetris Stackable LED Lamp

Tetris Stackable LED Lamp It is hard to not love the classic stacking action found in Tetris. Things start out relaxing enough but make a mistake or two and things get dicey real quick. What starts out as a calm game quickly builds into frantic fast paced stacking where one wrong move can be disastrous. […]
Yourfavoritemartian's "8-Bit World" music video featuring Hoodie Allen

New 8-BIT WORLD Music Video on YouTube Parodies Life and 8-Bit Video Games

Over on YouTube Ray William Johnson and his fictional cartoon band have teamed up with Hoodie Allen to create a new comedy music video called “8-Bit World”. The video features a plethora of funny one liners and double entendres using references to 8 bit video games. It even features some heavily pixelated 8-bit video game characters in the video. The whole thing is pretty damn funny. I thought I’d share it with all the NES and retro gamer geeks out there. I embedded the video so be sure to check it out . . .