Jan 182012

Minecraft Creeper Vinyl Figure


If you need a unique Minecraft gift you simply can’t miss with this awesome Creeper vinyl figure. The figure is everyone’s nemesis out to destroy all your hardwork…but it still looks so cool. In fact Minecrafters love to hate the Creeper. What better way to keep an eye on this ominous threat than to stick it right on your desktop. This awesome vinyl creeper figure has an articulated head to allow it to turn. It stands about 6″ tall and comes with a 2″ Diamond Block accessory.

This Minecraft gift is recommended for ages 15 and up.

The Creeper Vinyl Figure is currently priced at about $29.99 and is sure to make a unique and affordable Minecraft gift.

Click the image or link above for more information or to jump straight to the site to order yours today!

Aug 172011

Minecraft UnionMinecraft Union T-shirt


I bet you didn’t know there is a Minecraft Union. Yep. The Crafters Local 128 where the motto is “Mine,Craft,Build”. Don’t get any ideas because this isn’t your ordinary union where 3 guys in orange vests stand around and watch the one guy with a diamond pick axe do the work. No this is a special breed of of guys and gals who are dedicated to exploring every chunk of their universe for meager rewards all while dodging that eerie and ominous creeper.

Now you can proudly declare your devotion to Minecraft with this funny Minecraft Union T-shirt. It features a local 128 Minecraft Union logo on the front and a small creeper near the collar on the back. These black, 100% cotton t-shirts are available in sizes small through XXXXL! They are currently priced at $19.99 to $22.99 and are sure to make an ideal gift for the Minecraft fan.

It’s available right now at probably my favorite site on the web, ThinkGeek. They have a ton of other great Minecraft stuff. Click the banner below to jump straight to all their Minecraft gifts and go0dies.