Super Mario and Nintendo 5″ Action Figures

Looking for some smaller Super Mario Bros. figures? Check out these durable and affordable 5″ Super Mario Bros. action figures. They feature movable likenesses of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad and Donkey Kong!

Who is your favorite Nintendo character? When asked that question, many people will respond with one of the following names – Donkey Kong, Luigi, Mario, Toad, or Yoshi. Did we guess right? Well, you’re in luck!
Now you can show your Nintendo pride with these adorable action figures. Super Smash Bros has nothing on the epic battles you will have with these bad boys. Luigi’s jump has never higher or longer than when you’re in control. Keep Yoshi on your dashboard and pretend your car is a ride-able dinosaur! Donkey Kong is fun to hang out with, but keep him away from your lady friends. And Toad? He’s never made it into any of the Smash Bros games, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t ready to rumble! And if his speed in Mario Kart carries over at all, he’s gonna float like a ParaTroopa and sting like the medical bills from Birdo’s therapy.
Clocking in at five inches in height, these figures are great for the on-the-go collector. For work or for home, these make great gifts for nearly any nerd. Whenever you’re feeling down – pull out your Nintendo character. He’s there for you.
These make great gifts for adults (cubicle warmers!) and kids (bath time fun!) and everyone in between (paperweight!) so grab them up before they’re gone. There are very many stockings that need to be stuffed and these are just perfect for exactly that!

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