New Gears of War 3 Zip Hoodie!

Gears Of War 3 Zip Hoodie

Even though it is still way too effin’ hot here to worry about wearing a hoodie any time soon, I still have to jump on this sick Gears of War 3 zip hoodie I found. This black hoodie features two crossed Lancer assault rifles on the front. How can you NOT look good rocking two chainsaw bayonets? It also features the Gears of War 3 logo on the back.

This black hoodie is available at HotTopic and is an 80% cotton 20% polyester blend. It’s currently available in men’s sizes XS through 3XL. You’ll pay a little more for the 2XL and 3XL sizes but if ya wanna live large ya gotta spend large! It’s currently priced at $49.50 for the XS-XL sizes while the 2XL and 3XL will run you $51.50 and $53.50 respectively.

That’s a little pricey but don’t worry because we got your back with a little coupon goodness below! 😉
As always I’ve made it ridiculously easy for you. Just click the image above to jump directly to the Gears of War Zip hoodie’s product page and for more information. You can also click the links below and just type in “Gears of War” in their search box. However you do it, DO IT because once word spreads about these I’m sure they’ll disappear fast.

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