Negative One Up Tee: You Will NOT Be Getting an Extra Life With This One

Negative One Up t-shirt @
Negative One Up Gamer T-Shirt

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Any gamer worth his or her salt is familiar with the good ole’ one up ‘shroom from Mario fame. Eat one of those little green guys and you get an extra life to help make your gaming life a little easier. Not too many people are familiar with the antithesis to the One Up Mushroom, the NEGATIVE One Up. DO NOT WANT!

These wicked little guys mean it’s -1 life for you. I dunno WTF you’d have to be thinking to actually ingest one of these zombified looking pieces of fungi, but rest assured if you do it’s probably game over. Your parents are right. Mushrooms ARE bad!

This genius gamer t-shirt design is available on preshrunk 10.2 ounce 100% cotton charcoal gray tees over at SplitReason. You can get them in any size from small to XXXL from $19.95 to $21.95. Click the link or image above to go order your own.

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