Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim 250GB Hard Drives on Sale for $99.99

One of the few things we don’t like about the Xbox 360 Slim is the fact that Microsoft basically forces you to buy their official hard drive. That wouldn’t be so bad if said hard drive wasn’t little more than a regular laptop hard drive put in a plastic case and marked up twice as much as it should be.

All complaining aside…you can actually now get a pretty good deal on the Xbox 360S 250GB hard drive thanks to GearFest 2011! For a limited time (4 weeks only) the Xbox 360 250GB hard drive has been marked down $30.00 from the normal retail price of $129.99 to a more reasonable $99.99!

If you’ve been waiting for prices to come down on the official Microsoft brand Xbox 250 GB hard drive now is the time to grab one! At this more reasonable price you can get a legitimate hard drive for your Xbox 360 and download games and content with no fear of having your box banned from Xbox Live for running an unsupported third party hard drive.

Don’t need a hard drive? You should still check out the great deals many retailers are offering because many other official Xbox 360 accessories are on sale thanks to GearFest!

So go grab your hard drive at one of the participating retailers below.  We rock so much we’ve even created a link to the actual Xbox 360 hard drive page for each individual retailer. We can’t make it any easier unless we actually order it for you! (Dream on)

Walmart actually has it for $99.96!:


Grab it at the Official Microsoft Store:

Microsoft Xbox 360 250GB Hard Drive


Prefer Amazon?:

At TigerDirect:



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