Halo Military Belt

Halo UNSCDF Military Belt

Halo UNSCDF Military Belt

There are a lot of Halo belt buckles out there. Most of them are oversized and bulky. Most feature Master Chief’s helmet, and do you really want that strategically placed right above your zipper? Yeah. We didn’t think so.

You know what drew us to this belt? It looks so very official. It looks like an actual military belt. Like it might be something they issue with the UNSC utility uniform. At ease, soldier. This 1 1/2 inch wide (USMC standard issue is 1 1/4) web belt features the UNSCDF insignia embossed on a brass-colored buckle. The metal belt tip has a subtle Halo 3 logo. Adjustable belt measures 41″ fully extended. Note: If the metal on your belt arrives with oxidation, wiping with a paper towel should remove the green. For stubborn stains, rub with lemon juice, vinegar, or table salt.

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