Gamer Grub: Quick and Easy to Use Gaming Energy Snacks

Gamer Grub Energy Snacks

When you are in the middle of an online multiplayer butt kicking gaming session you barely have time to take a tinkle break. There’s no way you have time to order a pizza, let alone prepare a healthy or nutritious meal. Since hiring your own personal executive gamer chef is out of the question (and your mom threw in the towel years ago), you either need to suffer or leave the gaming action.

The problem is most of the time you can’t abandon your gaming party teammates online just because your little gamer tummy is grumbling. You can’t let your moron friends get pwned just because your hungry. Don’t worry because your problem has already been solved. Allow us to introduce you to Gamer GrubEnergy Snacks. These reclosable pouches are filled with nutritious and delicious gaming snacks. No time for food? No problem! Simply tear open the top of a Gamer Grub pouch and get some grub in there!

Gamer Grub is currently available at ThinkGeek in PB & J and Pizza flavor. These awesome snacks are designed specifically for gamers and are loaded with select vitamins and neurotransmitters which are supposed to improve your cognitive performance. You’ll love them because they are a great tasting snack that you can pour into your mouth. No dirty greasy game controllers! The hands free design means you don’t even have to use your game controller shaped soap to wash your hands first!

These are currently available as single packs or three packs ($2.99-$7.99) from ThinkGeek. You can also order them from Gamer Grub in single packs or in 8 pack cases.

Each Gamer Grub pouch is approximately 7.25″ tall and contains about 3 ounces of Gamer Grub deliciousness!

ThinkGeek Currently offers pizza and PB & J flavors.
The Pizza Flavor Pouch Contains: Pizza Cashews, Cheese Curls, Tomato Almonds, Sesame Sticks, Fried Onions, and Pita Chips

The PB&J Flavor Consists of: Peanut Butter Chips, Peanuts, Strawberries, Strawberry Jelly Chips and Sweet Bread.

While one of our favorite sites, ThinkGeek, currently only offers the two flavors mentioned above we know that two other flavors have been released:
S’mores and BBQ!

You can also pick up Gamer Grub online from,, or check for it locally at select BestBuy, Hot Topic or other stores!

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  1. Have you tried either, or any other, flavors of Gamer Grub? Which is your favorite?

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