Die, n00b T-shirt: A perfect gift for the newbie or n00b hating gamer in your life!

die, n00b.

“Die n00b!”
I could’t have said it better myself! When pwning a noob isn’t enough you might want to consider sending them a parting gift like this elegant “die, n00b.” T-shirt. This simple, yet awesome T-shirt says what we’ve all said a million times before. If there is anything we hate more than being a n00b it is other lamer n00bs ruining a great day of gaming.

Let this black t-shirt with the simple phrase “die, n00b.” on it do all your talking for you. Currently priced at just $16.99 the
die, n00b.
T-shirt makes a great gamer gift.

Click the image above or the link below to go grab yours!

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