Dead Space 2 211-V Plasma Cutter Replica

Dead Space 2 Plasma Cutter Replica
Check out this collector’s replica 211-V Plasma Cutter from Dead Space 2. While it won’t be helping you mine or cut anything, it will be an awesome addition to your Dead Space collection.

It features 3 bright green lasers and a mini-mag LED flashlight. It comes in a heavy duty metal carrying case for display and protection. The plasma cutter requires 2 X AA batteries (not included) while the LED flashlight requires 3 X AAA batteries (also not included). Sheesh with a price tag of nearly $240.00 you’d think they could throw in some batteries.

While the whole “batteries not included” thing does get our feathers a little ruffled, it doesn’t change the fact that this a pretty darn cool replica of the 211-V Plasma Cutter!

Click the image above for more information or to order yours.

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