Bioshock 2 Collectibles on Clearance!

Bioshock EVE Hypo²syringe

One of our favorite sites, has some pretty cool Bioshock 2 stuff on sale. These clearance prices will save you up to 50% off.

They have BioShock 2 action figures,Big Daddy plushies and more! Click the images below to go straight to the item page for more information.

Bioshock 2 Action Figures

Bioshock Action Figures

Bioshock 2 Big Daddy Plush: Subject Delta and Bouncer Collectibles

One of the coolest Bioshock 2 collectibles I have seen are these Big Daddy plush dolls. They are available in either Subject Delta or Bouncer versions. The Bouncer version is shown below. Don’t let the word “doll” prevent you from buying these for the gamer guy on your shopping list. These are packed with so much detail they are true collectibles.

They look just like the dolls carried by Little Sister. They truly look like they were cobbled together from scavenged bits and pieces found around Rapture. Baseballs for heads, pushpins, wire frame bodies, cork screw arms. . . you get the idea. Part of a wrist watch makes up Subject Delta’s face mask so you can see these are ingenious creations that are true to the game in every detail. Currently on sale for less than $15.00 these make the perfect gift for the Bioshock fan.

Big Daddy Plush

Bioshock EVE Hypo Syringe Replica

Another sweet Bioshock collectible is this EVE Hypo Syringe. It measures about 8 and a half inches long (that’s what she said) and lights up with a blue glow just like on the game. Push the button on the plunger and the syringe lights up with that familiar eerie blue glow and you can finally read the text on the syringe which reads: “32 fl.oz. PRESCRIPTION ONLY – VITASTAT MEDICAL GOODS – CALUMET, IH”
Bioshock EVE Hypo²syringe

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